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The idea is to build relationships one person at a time while solving problems and fostering discussions through your writing. This will in turn establish your brand and company as an authority on your topic, attracting the type of leads and business every business wants. You Get!
  • Real time customer requirements
  • Public reaction on your brand
  • Who is influencing your business.
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About Us

Do you own a business? Have you ever thought of Social Media Marketing? SOCIAL MEDIA is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach out to the Customers. Which is well proven by the recent campaign ran by the KRAFTS FOOD in mid-2012 to memorialize the 100th anniversary of their leading brand OREO COOKIES. When Krafts food targeted about 28 million Facebook users with OREO DAILY TWIST they understood the fact that the SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING could lead them to a significant platform. But the biggest nightmare being cultivated by the SMM Enthusiasts is highly paid marketing team to develop creative and evident content for them. We at SOCIAL PIE started digging the same pit and came up with an idea which could be dexterously bankrolled. We can help you in the optimization of all three giants, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and LINKED IN. in context to the keywords you choose; SOCIAL PIE searches users as well as the content. We also help you in identifying the active users on all three platforms and thus not just adding the spam users.